Why have a motorbike imported by a company?

Do you have your eye on a motorbike in a foreign country? Can’t find this motorbike in the Netherlands? Annoying, but that means you have to import the motorbike into the Netherlands. This is quite complicated because there are many rules and regulations to be observed. Besides, it can cost a lot of money if you import a motorbike from a faraway country. You have to pay the costs of transport, and often also the import duties. It also takes a lot of time to import the motorbike. Not everyone has the time or the inclination to import a motorbike. Understandable, but how to get the motorbike in the Netherlands? Motorbike importers can help you with this, but what do they do exactly? In this article, we will elaborate on that, so you will know more about it.

What do motorbike importers do?

Motorcycle importers are companies that can help you with the import of a motorbike. They know exactly how this works, and they also have the connections for it. Especially when you want to import a motorbike from the United States, it is convenient to hire a company. There is a lot more to be arranged, and transport is one of the most difficult things to arrange. You have to have the motorbike shipped and this costs a lot of money and, of course, time. In addition, motorbike importers also offer the guarantee that the vehicle will arrive in one piece in the Netherlands. This is very important because the motorbike can also be damaged during transport. Because of the guarantee, you will get your money back, or the motorbike will be repaired at a garage.

You can also import spare parts from abroad. These can also be transferred by the importing company. This is very useful for a motorbike because you have to replace the parts regularly. The more often you use the bike, the faster it needs new parts.

Check the motor

Importing a motorbike is a complicated task. It can also take a very long time before your motorbike finally arrives in the Netherlands. Still, it is important not to use the bike right away, but to check it thoroughly first. It is possible that the motorbike has been damaged during transport. Annoying, but it is important that you immediately take pictures of the damage. You can have the motorbike repaired and receive a refund from the importer.